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1 March 30, 2021 (under publication).


1. Alla Yu. Baranova, Polina Gasparyan
Cybercrime in the Financial Sphere
Number of views: 251      Download in PDF

2. Dinara Y. Jakupova
Management Efficiency as a Socio-Economic Category
Number of views: 252      Download in PDF

3. Elena N. Klochko, Victoria N. Mukha, Lidia V. Kovalenko
Socio-Economic Aspects of Ethnicity in the Economic Space of the Region
Number of views: 224      Download in PDF

4. Irina V. Kravtsova, Yulia N. Kovalova
Digitalization of Insurance in the Era of COVID-19
Number of views: 235      Download in PDF

5. Marina V. Rossinskaya, Julia V. Sliva-Shcherba
Organizational Culture as a Factor in the Formation of Innovative Activity of Tourist and Health Complexes
Number of views: 226      Download in PDF

6. Marina V. Rossinskaya, Larisa A. Kamenskaya
The Need to Improve the Transport Infrastructure of the Krasnodar Krai
Number of views: 259      Download in PDF

7. Maria S. Rybyantseva
The Applying of the Standard Deviation in a Controlling System
Number of views: 240      Download in PDF

8. Vladimir I. Shapovalov, Guram O. Darakchyan
The Quality Assessment of Professional Education in the Tourist Destination of Sochi
Number of views: 246      Download in PDF

9. Elena S. Tsepilova
Resort Tax in the Russian Federation – Results and Prospects of a Tax Experiment
Number of views: 220      Download in PDF

10. Yuri I. Verbin
Assessment of the Use of the Labor Potential of the Sanatorium Organization for the Purpose of Its Optimal Management
Number of views: 218      Download in PDF

11. V.A. Yanyushkin
Current Trends in the Small and Medium-Sized Business Lending Market in Russia
Number of views: 223      Download in PDF

Scientific Life

12. Svetlana V. Dusenko, Margarita E. Belomestnova
Science Week – 2021 at the Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sports, Youth and Tourism
Number of views: 240      Download in PDF

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