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4 December 25, 2020 (under publication).


1. Ani G. Arakelyan
Development of Tourism in the World and National Experience of Implementing Cluster Initiatives
Number of views: 185      Download in PDF

2. Boris A. Ermakov
Medical Tourism as a Component of the Health Care National Project
Number of views: 180      Download in PDF

3. Evgenia V. Gordeeva, Daria V. Kuksa
Lean Manufacturing as a Modern Management Concept: Principles and Tools
Number of views: 174      Download in PDF

4. Nadezhda A. Keschyan, Anna O. Balabanova, Arutyun Z. Zeytunyan
Research of Municipal Management in the Field of Architecture, Improvement, and Sanitary Maintenance of the District
Number of views: 185      Download in PDF

5. Elena N. Klochko, Victoria N. Mukha
Ethno-Entrepreneurship as a Resource of a Multi-Ethnic Region
Number of views: 185      Download in PDF

6. Natalia I. Rekhter, Tatyana Yu. Anopchenko
Using Social Network Sites in Healthcare Management: Opportunities and Challenges
Number of views: 164      Download in PDF

7. Nadezhda K. Serdyukova, Valentina P. Kalinina, Dmitriy A. Serdyukov
Development of Gastronomic Tourism as a Factor in Increasing Tourist Flow to the Destination
Number of views: 191      Download in PDF

8. Diana S. Timoshenko
Genesis, Challenges and Applications of Medical Tourism in the Voronezh Region, Russian Federation
Number of views: 267      Download in PDF

Scientific Life

9. Yuri I. Verbin, Elena К. Vorobey
Krasnodar Regional Public Organization of the Free Economic Society of Russia: Results in the year of the 255th Anniversary of the VEO of Russia
Number of views: 174      Download in PDF

10. Boris A. Ermakov
Meeting of the Recreation and Tourism Scientific and Industry Section within the National Projects and the Professorial Community Professorial Forum – 2020
Number of views: 191      Download in PDF

full number
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