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1 March 25, 2020 (under publication).

Actual Problem

1. Matvei S. Oborin
Sanatorium-Resort Activity as an Object of Management in Modern Conditions
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2. Valerii D. Andreev, Tat'yana G. Borisova
The Essence of Risk-Oriented Approach in Supervisory Activity and the Possibility of Its Implementation in Tourism
Number of views: 291      Download in PDF

3. Tatiana Yu. Anopchenko, Natalia F. Voronina
Realization of Human Potential in Modern Conditions as a Factor of Population Involvement in the Digital Economy of Russia
Number of views: 267      Download in PDF

4. Anna O. Balabanova
The Research on the Quality of Services Provided by a State-Owned Social Service Institution
Number of views: 259      Download in PDF

5. Evgeny N. Finadeev, Anastasia A. Finadeeva
Robotization as a Distinguishing Factor in Hospitality Industry
Number of views: 267      Download in PDF

6. Anastasia A. Finadeeva
Economy of Ecological Tourism
Number of views: 255      Download in PDF

7. Nadezhda A. Keschyan
The Study of the Resource Potential of Territorial Public Self-Government in the Issues of Effective Management of Municipal Territories
Number of views: 252      Download in PDF

8. Jeanne A. Ryzhovа, Elena V. Kolesnikova
Organizational and Technological Features of Collective Placement Facilities of the Republic of Crimea and their Impact on the Formation of Segment Reporting
Number of views: 266      Download in PDF

9. Marina Yu. Sheresheva
Prospects for the Participation of Young Russian Entrepreneurs in the Development of Intergenerational Family Business
Number of views: 232      Download in PDF

10. Vladimir N. Shkred, Anton D. Murzin
The Аnаlysis of the Organizational and Financial Mechanism of State-Private Partnership in the Regions of the Russian Federation
Number of views: 261      Download in PDF

11. Svetlana N. Sychanina, Yurik V. Movsisyan
The Experience in Implementing Municipal Youth Policy in the Modern Russian State, based on the example of the Municipality of Krasnodar
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12. Irina S. Toropova
Accounting and Taxation in Tourism Organizations
Number of views: 261      Download in PDF

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