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1 March 25, 2017 (under publication).

Articles and Statements

1. Valerii D. Andreev
The Developing of Internal Control Policy as the Main Instrument for Improving the Effectiveness of the Organization
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2. Ensar Mekić, M. Sait Dinç
Effects of ISO 9001 Effectiveness on Financial Performance of Exporting Companies: Review and a Proposed Model
Number of views: 649      Download in PDF

3. Arina V. Nikishova, Vladlena S. Oladko
Information Protection System as a Tool to Maintain the Competitiveness of Enterprises
Number of views: 692      Download in PDF

4. Vladlena S. Oladko, Ekaterina A. Vitenburgh, Anna I. Pushkarskaya
Management of Security Incidents in the Information System as a Means of Reducing Economic Loss
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5. Alena A. Petrochenko
Labor Migration in the Eurasian Economic Union
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6. Anna I. Runaeva, Lyudmila A. Voronina
Forming of Property Management Tools in Tourism-Recreation Cluster
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7. Tatyana V. Saleeva, Dmitry V. Finkin, Julia N. Fridrich
Competitive Advantages and Investment Attractiveness of the Resort-Recreational Complex of Krasnodar Region
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8. Ekaterina D. Urazovskaya, Sergey M. Romanov
Specificity of Advertising Activities in the Regional Tourism Market (based on the Example of Sochi)
Number of views: 630      Download in PDF

9. Alexander B. Zdorov, Lachin S. Pashayev
Program Management of Development of Agrotourist Activities in the Region
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