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About Our Journal

The journal “Izvestiya Sochi State University” was renamed to "Sochi Journal of Economy" in September, 2015. In May 2023, the journal was renamed to "Sotsial'no-ekonomicheskoe prostranstvo regionov".



Aim and Scope


"Sotsial'no-ekonomicheskoe prostranstvo regionov" is a peer-reviewed scientific bilingual periodical.


The aim of the journal is to publish a high-quality original research in the field of economic theory, world economy, economics and management of the national economy, regional and branch economics, management, finance, accounting, statistics and analysis in Russian and English.


The scopes of the journal include the coverage of high-quality original research in the field of economics. The main criterion for selecting material for publication in "Sotsial'no-ekonomicheskoe prostranstvo regionov" is not only the relevance and public interest in this topic, but also the freshness of the ideas presented and the scientific novelty of the research. By implementing the policy of open access to scientific publications, the journal contributes to the improvement of information scientific exchange, and, consequently, the effectiveness of scientific activities of authors published in the journal.


Impact factor of Russian Scientific Citation Index 2021 is 0,036.



"Sotsial'no-ekonomicheskoe prostranstvo regionov" is leading quarterly bilingual (Russian, English) scientific periodical, issued by Federal State-Funded Educational Institution of Higher Education “Sochi State University”. ISSN 2949-3943. The periodical has been issued since 2007 and is included in Russian Index of Scientific Quotations and combined catalogue «Press of Russia».

The journal is registered in Federal Service for Supervision of Mass Media, Communications and Protection of Cultural Heritage. Registration Certificate is ПИ № ФС77-85233, dated May, 10, 2023. The journal is focused on scientists’ efforts joining in scientific communication development and gap bridging between federal and regional editions.


The journal covers the actual issues of economic development of the Russian Federation and foreign countries.


In accordance with the Recommendations of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia dated December 10, 2021 N 32 / 1-NS "On the conjugation of scientific specialties of the nomenclature approved by order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia of February 24, 2021 N 118, scientific specialties of the nomenclature approved by order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia of October 23, 2017 N 1027" the manuscript submission is carried out also in according with the following nomenclature of scientific specialities:

5.2.3. Regional and sectoral economics (economic sciences)

5.2.6. Management (economic sciences)





- Russian State Library

- Russian Book Chamber


Publication fee


"Sotsial'no-ekonomicheskoe prostranstvo regionov" does not charge for the preparation, placement and printing of the articles.


Plagiarism detection


The editorial board of "Sotsial'no-ekonomicheskoe prostranstvo regionov", when considering an article, checks the material using the Anti-plagiarism system of the university. If plagiarism is identified, the editors act in accordance with the COPE guidelines on plagiarism.


Preprint and postprint policy


Prior to acceptance and publication in "Sotsial'no-ekonomicheskoe prostranstvo regionov", authors may make their submissions available as preprints on personal or public websites.


As part of submission process, authors are required to confirm that the submission has not been previously published, nor has been submitted. After a manuscript has been published in "Sotsial'no-ekonomicheskoe prostranstvo regionov" we suggest that the link to the article on journal's website is used when the article is shared on personal or public websites.


Sections of the journal


- Economic Theory

- World Economy

- Economics and management of the national economy

- Regional and branch economics

- Management

- Finance, monetary circulation and credit

- Accounting and Statistics

- Scientific Life

- Letters to the Editor



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