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3 September 15, 2017 (under publication).

Articles and Statements

1. Boris A. Ermakov
The Impact Factors of the Tourist Flow Volume and Structure in the Krasnodar Region
Number of views: 620      Download in PDF

2. Vita A. Fomenko
Evaluation of Incentive Tools in Improving the Management of Labor Potential in Tourism Enterprises
Number of views: 617      Download in PDF

3. Nadezhda A. Keschyan, Anna O. Balabanova
Network Interaction between Educational Institutions of Secondary Education and Universities as a Means of Improving the Quality of Vocational Guidance of Youth
Number of views: 741      Download in PDF

4. Nadezhda A. Keschyan, Anna O. Balabanova, Natalia V. Lashauri
Information System "Network City. Education" in the Management of the Municipal Educational Institution
Number of views: 633      Download in PDF

5. Olga V. Konanykhina, Tatyana P. Levchenko
The Multi-Criteria Approach to the Tourism Development of Territorial Entities
Number of views: 604      Download in PDF

6. Marina S. Kruglova, Alexander M. Vetitnev
Methodological Aspects of Assessing the Economic Effect of Volunteer Services
Number of views: 624      Download in PDF

7. Dmitry Y. Kulishkin, Yuri I. Verbin
Evaluation of the Contribution of the Olympic Legacy in the Socio-Economic Development of Tourist Territory
Number of views: 613      Download in PDF

8. Le Trung Duong
Trump’s Decision to Abandon the Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Critical Analysis
Number of views: 611      Download in PDF

9. Natalya S. Morozova, Daria D. Makarova
The Ways of Optimizing the Organization of Tourist Activities of Territorial Entities on the example of Moscow Region
Number of views: 625      Download in PDF

10. Zemfira A. Mustafayeva, Iukhanna O. Tkhamitlokova
The Resource Potential of the Sphere of Recreation and Tourism: Structure, Estimation, Development Ways
Number of views: 597      Download in PDF

11. Svetlana I. Pustovoytenko
Tourism: Systematic and Interdisciplinary Research
Number of views: 621      Download in PDF

12. Ivan Y. Sevryukov
The Conceptual Bases for the Development of Sanatorium-Resort Tourism in Russia
Number of views: 617      Download in PDF

13. David Umoru, Efosa Osayamen A. Evbuomwan
Econometric Study of the Link between Nigeria’s Foreign Reserves and Oil Prices
Number of views: 602      Download in PDF

14. Elena K. Vorobey, Anna V. Trutt
The Influence of the Theory of Generations on the Labor Motivation of the Staff
Number of views: 602      Download in PDF

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Number of views: 968      Download in PDF

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