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2 June 29, 2021 (under publication).

1. Abidemi C. Adegboye, Mohammed Oseni
Fiscal Management and Commodity Price Fluctuation in Sub-Sahara Africa
Number of views: 191      Download in PDF

2. Alla Yu. Baranova, Syuzanna Teknedzhyan
The Remote Banking Services in Russia: Problems and Development Prospects
Number of views: 180      Download in PDF

3. Alla Yu. Baranova, Irina D. Mermani
Development of Financial Literacy of the Population in Russia
Number of views: 174      Download in PDF

4. Alexey D. Chudnovskiy, Michael M. Hamburg
Educational Tourism: Problems and Prospects of Development
Number of views: 183      Download in PDF

5. Blerim Dragusha, Mic Ukaj
Theoretical Framework on Effectiveness of E-Recruitment on Human Resource Management
Number of views: 183      Download in PDF

6. Mikhail V. Grechko, Veronika S. Vlasova
Application of System Analysis Methodology for Research of Critical Unstable Conditions in Hospitality Industry
Number of views: 185      Download in PDF

7. Vyacheslav A. Lepeshkin, Valentina S. Treskova
Israel-Target Market for Efforts to Restore Inbound Tourist Traffic to Sochi Resorts
Number of views: 183      Download in PDF

8. Lyudmila B-Zh. Maksanova, Oyuna B. Kharitonova
Ecotourism Development in Protected Areas: New Approaches and New Challenges
Number of views: 175      Download in PDF

9. Oksana V. Markova
The Objects of Cultural Heritage in the Hospitality Industry of Volgo
Number of views: 176      Download in PDF

10. Natalia V. Molchanova, Galina M. Malukhina
Virtual Tourism as a Form of Organizing Family Leisure in Terms of Self-Isola
Number of views: 177      Download in PDF

11. Tatyana V. Saleeva
Transformation of World Tourism under the Influence of the COVID-19 Pandemic (According to the Preliminary Results of 2020)
Number of views: 182      Download in PDF

12. Tatyana А. Shebzukhova
Features of Personnel Training for the Management System for the Development of National and Inbound Tourism: Regional Aspect
Number of views: 172      Download in PDF

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