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4 December 28, 2017 (under publication).

1. Valerii D. Andreev
The Essence of Risks of Misstatement of the Financial Statements and Audit Procedures
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2. Elena V. Ivneva, Liya L. Kavshbaya, Yulia A. Ivneva
Commercial Concession as a Factor of Stability Economic Turnover
Number of views: 447      Download in PDF

3. Kristina A. Lakerbaya, Boris A. Ermakov
Specific Dynamics of the Tourist Flow in the Republic of Abkhazia
Number of views: 479      Download in PDF

4. Tat'yana P. Levchenko, Vyacheslav A. Varenikov
Evaluation of Innovative Activity of the Hotel Organizations in Terms of Stochastic Factor Analysis
Number of views: 441      Download in PDF

5. Mikhail M. Morozov
Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism
Number of views: 446      Download in PDF

6. Natalia S. Morozova, Daria S. Teplova
The Application of Public-Private Partnership for the Development of Youth Travel
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7. Matvei S. Oborin, Tat'yana E. Gvarliani
The Main Directions of Improving the Quality of Management Resort and Recreation Complex
Number of views: 432      Download in PDF

8. Matvei S. Oborin, Elena K. Vorobey
Features of the Management System Effectiveness Evaluation in Tourist and Recreational Activities
Number of views: 447      Download in PDF

9. Nelli A. Savel'eva, Ekaterina N. Krest'yaninova
Socio-Economic Factors of Organizational Culture Development
Number of views: 441      Download in PDF

10. Mayya A. Seliverstova
Tools and Methods of Controlling during Development and Realization of Enterprise’s Financial Strategy
Number of views: 436      Download in PDF

11. David Umoru, Sylvester Ohiomu
Econometric Analysis of Investment Volatility and the Money in Circulation in Nigeria
Number of views: 494      Download in PDF

12. Elena K. Vorobey, Anna V. Trutt
Gamification as an Instrument for Motivating Staff
Number of views: 428      Download in PDF

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