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4 December 25, 2021 (under publication).


1. Sulaimon Olanrewaju Adebiyi, Nkechi Efenure
Application of Multi-Objective Optimization on the Basis of Ratio Analysis Method for Evaluating Service Delivery in Hospitals within Lagos State
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2. Galina P. Gagarinskaya, Aleksandr V. Gagarinskii, Svetlana Z. Dykina, Il'ya M. Igumenov
Management of the Labor Activity of the Enterprise based on the Consistency of the Interests of Employees
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3. Eric Amo Jones, Jacob Owusu Sarfo
Psychological Biases, Investment Decisions and Financial Literacy of Ghanaian Investors during the COVID-19 Pandemic
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4. Elena N. Klochko, Lidia V. Kovalenko
Implementation of a Program-Targeted Method of Regulating Ethnic Tourism in the System of Integrated Development of Rural Territories of the Krasnodar Krai
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5. Matvei S. Oborin
Mechanisms for Ensuring Economic Security in Depressed Regions
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6. Irina S. Syrkova, Anna A. Mkrdychyan
Trade Development Trajectories in the Russian Federation
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7. Elena K. Vorobey, Kseniya D. Vorobey
Coworking in Russia: the Status and Forecast of Development
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