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3 September 25, 2021 (under publication).

1. Kowo Solomon Akpoviroro, Akinbola Olufemi Amos, Oyedele Ola Olusegun
Mediating Role of Entrepreneurial Orientation, Organizational Learning and SMEs' Performance
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2. Evgenia V. Gordeeva, Nickita K. Atuchin
The Influence of the Heritage of Large-Scale Measures on the Economic, Environmental and Sociocultural Sphere of Destinations’ Development
Number of views: 156      Download in PDF

3. Alla Yu. Baranova, Emil L. Varvashtian
Comparison of the Economies of Russia and Switzerland
Number of views: 149      Download in PDF

4. Galina P. Gagarinskaya, Tatyana G. Borisova, Alexandr V. Gagarinskiy, Ilya M. Igumenov
Managing the Human Resources of an Industrial Company with Wages Efficiency
Number of views: 156      Download in PDF

5. Tatyana E. Gvarliani, Emil L. Varvashtyan
Analysis of Budget Revenues of the Krasnodar Krai
Number of views: 150      Download in PDF

6. Tatyana E. Gvarliani, Madina B. Kamkiya
Educational Tourism Development Trends
Number of views: 148      Download in PDF

7. Vyacheslav E. Konovalov
Analysis of the Growth of E-Commerce in Russia
Number of views: 159      Download in PDF

8. Sergey N. Novoselov, Oksana A. Gorkusha
Contours of Post-Сovid Trajectories of Behavioral Economics Development
Number of views: 169      Download in PDF

9. Grigory Ya. Ratushnyak, Maria A. Aseeva
The Uncharted Potential of the North Caucasus. National Tourism-Travel in Russia as Part of a Lifestyle
Number of views: 146      Download in PDF

10. Galina M. Romanova, Vladimir N. Sharafutdinov, Elena V. Onishchenko
Process Approach in Managing Sustainable Reproduction of Regional Tourism Product
Number of views: 160      Download in PDF

11. Irina S. Syrkova
Modern Practice of Supporting Youth Entrepreneurship
Number of views: 154      Download in PDF

12. David Umoru
Exchange Rate Volatility and Foreign Investment Flows: A Dynamic Panel Analysis with African Countries
Number of views: 149      Download in PDF

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